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The POWERADE Powerscore finals this year were absolutely phenomenal. Athletes from New South Wales and Queensland competed in the ultimate showdown of sporting performance, to try and claim the No. 1 spot of the POWERADE Powerscore leaderboard.

Competitors underwent a number of physical challenges, measuring Speed, Agility, Power and Endurance to generate their own unique Powerscore. They could then 'Challenge their rivals' to see how they stack up against some pro athletes like League legend Billy Slater.

2017 Powerade Powerscore National Champion

The winners

New South Wales Finals

The recent New South Wales Powerade POWERSCORE Final saw Julien Hoefflin from the Woollahra Colleagues Rugby Club take the NSW title with an epic POWERSCORE of 899! The best female POWERSCORE athlete at the NSW Final was Georgia Graham from the Ryde Women’s Hocky Club with an impressive score of 767.

Julian Hoefflin NSW Champion

  • Speed: 225
  • Power: 245
  • Endurance: 203
  • Power: 226


Georgia Graham NSW Female Champion

  • Speed: 205
  • Power: 190
  • Endurance: 164
  • Power: 208


Queensland finals

The winner of the Powerade POWERSCORE National Championship went to Queenslander Jalen Rucker from the Lions Football Club who posted an incredible 922 at the QLD Final in July! Closely followed by Nicolas Pavlovski with another huge POWERSCORE of 915. Amazing effort by all those who participated on the day.

2017 Powerade Powerscore results

Jalen Rucker

National Champion

Julian Hoefflin

NSW Champion

Georgia Graham

NSW Female Champion

Nicolas Pavlovski

Best speed
248 4.92 sec

Julien Hoefflin

Best agility
226 5.38 sec

Nicolas Pavlovski

Best power
250 83 cm

Braiden Nezic

Best endurance
232 14.4

It was a stunning effort all round from all our Powerade POWERSCORE winners and from the other amazing people who competed. Congrats to everyone who gave it a go - you’re all true POWERSCORE champions!

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